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India Footprints Adventure

India Footprints Adventure conducts birding tours professionally. The travel and accommodation is well organized and luxurious with personal touch. This is in order to deliver a birding holiday of a life time without stress and strain. Our travel service providers are professionals and provide flawless services.

During bird expeditions we do strive to cover maximum bird species but add zest to your birding with extrapolation using our knowledge base. In short we make your bird holiday trips fun, rather than the grind and gravel experience.

Our ornithologists and tour leaders are trained managers and hospitable personae not only birders.

Birds are a component of a Nation and we deliver in full by adding history and cultural a bit to the tours. So on the way visit some major monuments – forts – palaces – temples - and attend festivals if in proximity.

We organize the ornithological surveys such that in the itinerary tiger safari and animal watching adds to the pleasure of bird watching in a tiger reserve in India.

India Footprints Adventure is a responsible package tour operator specializing in birding. Our travel packages inculcate ethics of responsible tourism whence conservation and local community benefit takes precedence.

India Footprints Adventure targets major wetlands, forests and grasslands on bird tour package itinerary. Using our expertise we cover wild variety of habitats at different elevations and zoo geographical regions in India.