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Birding Tour Operators

Neelesh & Kirty Agrawal– Founders
Neelesh & Kirty are an epitome of excellence in management - be it organizing package tours, shaping hospitality ventures or managing investment portfolios. They have been together in all their endeavors and continue to be blessed with success. Integrity, honesty and a sincere approach to all ventures has benefited the business couple and people around them. 
Indiafootprints birding tours was a niche they had in mind since a long time and the website Birding Tours India was born. In no time they were riding on the waves of success from one bird watching expedition to another. Indiafootprints through the new portal and vast networking organizes ornithological surveys all over India. The famed entrepreneurs have a full grasp of this birding niche.

Uday Patel – Naturalist – Blogger – Host
Uday has been bird watching since a long time right from his younger days. His association with Indiafooptrints dates back more than a decade. He has conducted many bird watching expeditions as tour leader and guide. With years of experience, he has guided in the Capital, Bharatpur, Chambal and North India in Uttrakhand. He also conducts ornithological expedition in Central India.
His passion is not limited to the avian he is an excellent naturalist guide tracking tigers in reserves like Corbett, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench. He loves to write on tiger conservation, environment and blogs frequently on varied topics. 

Alison Waldegrave – Tour Designer – Communications
A frequent visitor to India Alison is from UK and  has been associated with India footprints since its inception. She has over 30 years of experience in India as a and tour guide Alison. She has knowledge of the country its culture and religious bent.
Behind the ventures she is a force to reckon with and designs tours and offers advice on travel related matter. She is fond of Indian cuisine, music and culture. She loves tiger, trees and Indian birds.  She can be contacted on +44(0)7708122766.

Ranbir Singh – Birding Guide
Ranbir Singh is an expert guide on wilderness of Bharatpur especially the avian species. He conducts tours in North & Western India for Indiafootprints. His association with the company has developed into faith and trust apart from recognition of his skills as guide. He has a grasp of large number of winged wonders and loves to identify and bring forth to his guests.
He is soft spoken, gentle and from humble background and he finds favor with the guests because of these attributes. His experience goes back to more than a decade. He is a resident of Bharatpur Sanctuary.

Gajendra Singh
He is another associate of the company and manages affairs in New Delhi and the trips all over. He is a trusted guide and functionary of the company since long.

Kishore  is our  representative the Capital New Delhi. Being a good host and good in communications he is entrusted to receive guests from the International Aiport and escort them to their accommodation and transportation. He  assists in travel services and local matter and guides the on New Delhi Tour.

Rohit Soni
A  person with varied skills and also a nature guide at Kanha National Park he is the backbone of Indiafootprints managing all related behind the scene activities. As he was born near Kanha, Rohit has good understanding on the park and its confines. He has developed skills and necessary warmth to deal with inbound and local guests.

R.K. Jain – Accounts – Backend
Mr. Jain is he man behind the accounting and managing aspect of operations. He keeps tracks of things and plays a vital role in the functioning of the business.